The electrical equipment sector is looking forward to the celebration of Middle East Energy in June
February 23, 2021

The industry trusts this appointment to be able to attend in person.

The Dubai-based fair, an engine of economic development in the Middle East, has evolved from the original Middle East Electricity to reflect the critical role of the new energy-related industry.


The energy and electrical equipment sector looks forward to the celebration, from June 14 to 16, of the Middle East Energy fair in Dubai, the international reference event for professionals in the energy industry. The contest had in its last edition, in March 2020, with more than 1,300 exhibitors from 131 countries spread over 11 halls.

The sector is particularly interested in attending because the space will show the direction that the energy sector is taking, which is undergoing a great transformation due to an increase in environmental awareness at a global level.


In recent years, the fair has taken a strategic turn in order to adapt to both the current, constantly changing environment and future global challenges. The great evolution of this event, with 45 years of history, took place precisely in the last edition, when Middle East Energy took over from the old Middle East Electricity. The new fair, bringing together all the legacy of the event, has become a faithful reflection of the entire industry to which it is directed, and which is evolving far beyond the traditional electricity segment.


The event thus covers the entire spectrum of energy industry products: transmission and distribution, electricity generation, energy storage, renewable energy, energy consumption and management, etc. With this, it has become a point of reference in which to take the pulse of new trends, such as connected lighting, energy efficiency, decentralization of generation, the need for integrated digital platforms, etc.


Likewise, this year Middle East Energy carries out another important change: for the first time it will be a hybrid fair that will have a virtual format (MEE Online) and a face-to-face format (MEE Live). The virtual format will integrate various appointments prior to the physical event in Dubai that will address various key aspects: Renewable energies (May 17), Transmission and distribution (May 24), Critical and BackupPower (May 31) and Energy consumption and management (June 7th).





Gateway for industrial companies to the Middle East and Asia


Middle East Energy, with great influence throughout the Middle East, has played an essential role in the entry of industrial companies and the economic expansion of the region, since it has served to introduce new products in this area to build infrastructure, real estate and shops.


Today, the fair is helping governments, organizations and SMEs to diversify the generation and supply of energy, as well as opening the region to opt for the construction of a more sustainable energy model.


This appointment is very relevant for Spanish industrial companies because many professionals come from all over the world and especially from Asia. Despite the fact that Europe is still facing the pandemic, already in the month of June “a very good occupation is forecast, as it is a long-awaited event, a world reference and that will be able to concentrate again the entire ecosystem of the sector energy from all over the world ”, explains the head of amec in the Middle East area, Lucas Duchatel.







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